“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” goes the old Murphy’s Law adage. When it comes to moving though, that is the last thing you want to hear. When asked about their worst moving nightmare, here are few things people said:

Packing – When it comes to packing, most people’s fear is having to carefully pack every single item they own. If you consider that the average American house is around 2,400 square feet, the average move would require over 100 boxes to move. No wonder people are overwhelmed. Here’s when decluttering and purging can be great assets when packing. You don’t have to become one of those minimalists who only own a handful of items. But getting rid of that old backpack you took to Europe when you were 18, will bode well for you when it comes time to pack. Don’t have time to pack? Or you just simply can’t handle the thought? Most reliable moving companies offer packing services as well.

PREPAREDNESS – Others mentioned not being prepared when the moving truck shows up. Or for others, being ready but the moving truck not showing up on time. Following these helpful tips will certainly help you be ready to go the day of your big move to Moncks Corner, SC. As for the latter, hiring reputable and reliable local moving services is the best way to ensure your time is not wasted.

FEAR OF LEAVING THINGS BEHIND – You finally make the decision to move down south, to captivating Charleston, South Carolina. Only to realize hundreds of miles later, that you forgot your beloved pizza stone on top of the refrigerator. One person mentioned leaving all of their pots and pans in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. The move was hours away. The lesson here, in addition to creating a moving checklist, is to do a final and very thorough walk-through before you let the moving truck go. Especially when you’re long-distance moving.

MOVING TRUCK ISSUES — The moving truck breaking down or an accident involving the moving truck were some of people’s worst-case scenarios. One person even mentioned the truck catching on fire. Three words: Do your research. Read the moving company’s service agreement thoroughly, ask questions, understand ahead of time what the policies and procedures are should one of these unfortunate situations happen.

BAD WEATHER – Nothing can ruin a perfect moving day like rain. July and August can be hot and muggy here in Low Country’s HQ, Mount Pleasant, SC. Rain is always a possibility. A simple way to work around it is to have a few old towels to wipe down wet floors. You can also use old mats to protect floors and big tarps to protect furniture or larger items.

NEW PLACE NOT READY –- Another fear people mentioned was the new place not being ready for move in day. Whether encountering a mess left by the previous owners or perhaps an infestation of springtails (a common pest in the hot and humid weather of coastal South Carolina), your new place not being ready can be exasperating. The best way to avoid this is to check in ahead of time with the landlord or realtor and even request photos if possible. Try to arrive before the moving truck, to ensure everything is in order before the movers start to unload.

FURNITURE NOT FITTING – After a long moving day, all you want to do is sit on your porch, sipping sweet tea, enjoying South Carolina’s weather. Yet you forgot to check the dimensions of your grand-baby piano and your new front-door. To avoid such an upsetting situation, plan ahead. Measure rooms and big pieces of furniture to ensure your current furniture will fit in your new home.

UNPACKING – Most people mentioned the sheer exhaustion of finishing up a moving day and being left with piles and piles of boxes to unpack. You can quickly become overwhelmed when you realize you have 50 boxes of books to unpack. Much like when preparing to pack, to make unpacking a seamless venture, streamlining your belongings is the best place to start. But if you’re pressed for time as you start a new job, or simply would prefer to hire a professional, Low Country movers can help you with that as an extra service. Just ask about it when you call for your free quote.

LOST or DAMAGED ITEMS – Having a priceless antique arrive scratched, a useful stool showing up broken or realizing your daughter’s “Foofoo bunny” never made it to your charming new home in Summerville, SC can be incredibly disheartening. The stress of moving is enough, add in damaged goods and one can be ready to throw in the towel. It can be entirely too difficult if you didn’t do your homework in choosing a reliable moving company. Low Country’s CEO mentions that one of people’s biggest mistakes when moving is not doing their research or not asking for proof of coverage prior to hiring a moving company. He adds, “We disclose as much as possible about our coverage and what we do.”  Unfortunately, sometimes, accidents do happen. “We have utmost integrity when it comes to telling customer about damages we might have caused…we try our best to address it as soon as possible.” The lesson here? Do your research, review your terms of agreement and be well-informed prior to signing a contract.

At the end of the day, even if you do your research, choose the best moving company or pick the perfect Spring day to move, things can still go wrong. As with most things in life, one cannot avoid adversity. Choose to move through the negative with grace and grit. Be prepared with knowledge to fix what can be fixed, load up on caffeine to have energy to open one more box and when all else fails, have a pint of ice cream and a good ugly cry. None of us are immune to that.