Moving Tips

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Moving Tips

Every Question You Need To Ask Before You Hire A Moving Company

By |February 1st, 2020|

Moving to a new home can be an exhilarating experience, but you need to be prepared or else you’ll quickly get stressed. A quality moving company can provide you with all the support you need to make the process completely hassle-free. That being said, you need to find the right [...]

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Tip Of The Day

Love Where You Live

By |March 30th, 2020|

No matter where you move, it is important to try to enjoy your new home and your new city! Go out, see some of the local sights, try some of the local food, and just get to know the community you are in. And, if you want to make this whole process easier, we suggest finding your new home in Charleston 😉 -- Photo Credit: Low Country Images, LLC

Claim a Good Parking Spot

By |March 23rd, 2020|

When you are moving to or from a place located in a downtown area, parking can often be difficult to find. It becomes even more difficult when you are attempting to park a massive moving truck. In order to secure good parking close to your home, find an ideal spot (or multiple spots, depending on the size of the truck) and park your cars in these spots before the move. When the moving truck arrives, you can then move your personal vehicles out of the way and park the truck in their place. -- Photo Credit: Low Country Images, LLC

Change Your Clocks!

By |March 7th, 2020|

When moving during the weekend of Daylight Saving Time, remember to change your clocks...especially if you have a specific time for a truck reservation or the closing of a house! The last thing you want is for your move to be thrown into confusion because of a forgotten time change. -- Photo Credit: Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

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