As an Mt pleasant & Charleston SC Moving company, we know moving can be an exciting time, but the actual process of moving can be daunting. There’s so many small moving parts you have to coordinate, so many emotions you have to sort through, so much work, so much physical effort. As with most things, preparation is key. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your home and yourself for the smoothest move possible. You may even be able to enjoy yourself during the process!

1. Sort & Purge – The last thing you want is to end up with leftover broken Christmas lights in your brand-new home. Moving can give you a chance to start fresh and get rid of clutter. There are many benefits to decluttering. When it comes to moving, decluttering simply means you will have less to pack. Start sorting and purging as soon as you decide to move.

2. Make a plan – If you’re using a moving company, start doing your research and get a free quote. Having a moving company in place as early on as possible is best as it will save you the unnecessary stress of trying to book someone last-minute. Booking it early will give you better chances of getting the dates you need, more flexibility and the peace of mind knowing it is done. Use a moving check-list to help keep you on track as you plan your move. Another thing to keep in mind is budget. Calculate moving costs ahead of time: moving company costs, travel costs to your new home, tipping your movers, boarding your pet or babysitting costs. Planning ahead will save you from the fatigue of last-minute decisions.

3. Have a notebook or designated folder on your laptop for all things moving related. Keep your moving company estimates, receipts and inventory of times you’re moving all in one place for easy access.

4. Start using things up:

Start using things up

During the Great Depression, the motto “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without” became popular. It can come in handy when you’re getting ready to move and are looking at a stocked fridge and pantry. As you start to pack things up, start using things up in your pantry so you don’t have to deal with moving a half-empty bag of flour, or are burdened with a stocked freezer on the day of your move. This will avoid waste and save you money. Leave your big Wholesale Store monthly run for when you’re settled in your new home and need to restock your pantry. Consume all perishable items. A day before moving day, make sure your fridge and freezer are defrosted, clean and empty.

5. Make a design plan for the new house – No, you don’t have to nail down where every picture will go on the walls. But pre-planning your rooms will help you know what you need to sell. Measure rooms so you can ensure your current furniture will fit in the new house especially when it comes to large pieces of furniture like sectionals, or a king size bed. This way, you can plan to sell them before you pack up your old furniture for your new home.

6. Separate valuables – We all have those special items that are either fragile, valuable or both. Accidents happen and you can’t control your things once they are on the moving truck but you can take some precautions. First, determine what’s valuable to you. Your child’s favorite stuffed animal may not be valuable from an insurance company point of view, but it is invaluable during a time of transition for your child. Documents are also another item to pay attention too as those can be hard and time-consuming to replace. If possible, carry your small, valuable items with you. If not possible, put them in a special box and notify the movers to treat it with care.  Leave the bigger items for the pros. They will know how to best wrap it, pack it and load it onto the truck in the safest way possible. Take good inventory of these items, including pictures. When it comes to valuables, taking these feel extra steps will give you a little extra peace of mind. And in case something does happen, you will be ready with the right documentation to file your claim.

7. Before you move, notify all the pertinent people and companies of your new address. Luckily, nowadays you can do most of this online and it requires very little time. Not at the DMV though. Be prepared to pay your new local DMV a visit to change your driver’s license.

8. Pack an essentials bag –  Pack sheets for everyone’s beds, towels, toothbrushes…all the essentials you will need for your first night in your new home. If possible, take it with you, do not put it on the truck. This way, you will have easy access to it when you’re exhausted and surrounded by boxes. Having an essentials kit will ensure a hassle-free first night at your new place. Don’t forget to pack essentials for everyone in your family. You may want to add some silverware, coffee and food for your pet.

9. Utilities & Services – Don’t forget to transfer or close out all utilities before you move. Supply companies with a forwarding address for final invoices. Pay any overdue bills or check for any refunds or utility deposits. Transferring most utilities and services is a simple and quick process.

10. Take stock of your home – Once everything is loaded onto the truck, but before it rolls away, take stock of your home. Make sure nothing is left behind. Unplug any appliances that are going to be left behind. Check closets, cabinets and don’t forget the top of the fridge. It may be helpful to document final utility readings. It is well worth your time to take this final walk through.

Moving can be stressful and it can feel like you have been through a rollercoaster of emotions as so many things are out of your control. But following these simple tips will get you on the path to a hassle-free move. Consult our charleston sc moving company today.