Tip Of The Day

Pack an unpacking kit


Whether you're moving to Charleston, South Carolina or out of the Holy City, unpacking is actually a HUGE part of the moving process. To make things easier on yourself, pack an "unpacking kit". Include: box cutters ( pack a few, these things tend to lose themselves) paper towels toilet paper paper plates, utensils, etc. first-aid [...]

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Decluttering motivation for the new year


You made the resolution of decluttering and organizing your home but now you're lacking motivation. Be sure to catch Marie Kondo's new Netflix show, Tidying Up. Marie has an unconventional approach to organizing that will have you cleaning up your closets in no time. Here are the biggest takeaways from her method: Organize by categories, [...]

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Before moving in


Before moving into your new home make sure you: Change up all of your locks. Safety first. Check all the air filters in your new home, change them if necessary. Paint before you move in. No need to move any furniture around. Deep clean. Remove toilet seats for the perfect scrub down. Put up a [...]

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Tips for Stress-Free Moving During the Holidays


Two tips for moving during the holidays and keeping it stress-free: Consider ordering your holiday meal from a restaurant or grocery store. Many places offer delicious, holiday special menus. Then voila, Christmas dinner is served. This way you will have no need to locate the special Christmas spatula in the midst of all the boxes. [...]

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Tip for the Estimator Walk-Through


When the estimator comes to your house, make sure he does a thorough walk-through. Tell him your plan well. What will go in the truck, what heavy pieces you’re giving away, etc. This way, you will help the estimator give you the right estimate.

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Are You Moving On a Rainy Day?


Are you moving on a rainy day? If it is not pouring the rain, but it is still raining, you may want to consider purchasing some tarps. This way, you will keep your floors from getting muddy and wet. No time to buy tarps? You can also use old towels or taped cardboard boxes.

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Are You Moving Around the Holidays?


Are you moving to Charleston, South Carolina around the holidays? You will need to have easy access to your gifts and holiday decor. These things can get lost in a sea of boxes. You should mark the boxes with special holiday decor stickers or special holiday tape. As a result, you will easily find your [...]

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Choosing the Best Time to Move


Choosing to move during Fall, Winter or early Spring is a smart move. This way you can avoid the hustle and bustle of May when the school year ends and many families choose to move. Or you can avoid the high temperatures of a hot Summer day. Fall and Winter are also not high home-selling months, [...]

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Use up what’s in your fridge


Who wants to have to pack up a freezer full of meat or a fridge full of your favorite greek yogurt? A couple of weeks prior to moving day, stop shopping for perishables or at least make a plan to use up all the eggs, veggies, etc you have in your fridge. Same goes for [...]

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Move-in Day


On move-in day, try to arrive early at your new place to make sure utilities are connected. Also, be ready to pay movers/finalize any paperwork. Bring a dish or a key holder.  This will ensure your new keys are in a safe and secure place amongst all the moving boxes. Speaking of boxes, be sure [...]

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