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Book a room


One way to help you with the stress and transition of a move is to get a good night's sleep. This may be hard to do if your home is all packed up. You can book a room at a hotel or an Airbnb in the Charleston or Mount Pleasant area. This way you have [...]

Book a room2019-05-16T19:13:06-07:00

Quick tip to reduce stress during a move


Introduce yourself to your new neighbors. This may seem insignificant or scary for an introvert, but mustering up the courage to say hello to the neighbors may bring you ease. People are always leery of new neighbors too, so this can also lower everyone's anxiety. They may insightful tips about the area or may be [...]

Quick tip to reduce stress during a move2019-05-09T09:15:26-07:00

How to save money on your next move


How to save money on your next move to Charleston, SC. Declutter. You will have less to move which will make moving faster/quicker as well as you'll be able to make a little profit off the things you sell. Renting a truck and DIY your move may sound like a great money-saving idea, but you [...]

How to save money on your next move2019-05-02T10:31:47-07:00

Downsizing tips for empty-nesters


Start decluttering early on. The process of getting rid of stuff you love but don't need can be daunting but worthwhile in the end. Picture the ease of caring for a smaller yard and home, be unsparing. Start a donation box. As you go about your day, place anything in it that you know you [...]

Downsizing tips for empty-nesters2019-04-25T06:35:10-07:00

How to safely pack plates


Buy a pack of disposable foam plates, then sandwich each regular plate between two foam plates. Voila, no need to wrap each one individually. Just wrap and pad it all together.

How to safely pack plates2019-04-18T05:57:21-07:00

Get rid of furniture


A month or so prior to moving, take inventory of all of your big furniture pieces and get rid before moving day. You don't want unwanted pieces taking up space in the moving truck. Sell it on Apartment Therapy or Craigslist or arrange pick up with a local charity.

Get rid of furniture2019-04-11T05:07:06-07:00

Moving date set for Spring?


If you have your moving date scheduled this Spring, don't forget to check for pollen levels in Charleston, SC or the Low Country area. This will help you plan and prepare accordingly.

Moving date set for Spring?2019-03-22T08:36:09-07:00

Moving with Kids?


Moving with kids? Celebrate your first night in your new home! Put a movie on, make a fort out of sheets, boxes and order in pizza. The kids will love spending that first nig

Moving with Kids?2019-03-14T06:15:00-07:00
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