Tip Of The Day

Packing Books


Always pack books inside of a small box. Yes, you can fit more books into a bigger box…but it will very quickly become too heavy to pick up. When the time comes to actually move your boxes of books, you will be incredibly grateful that you went with the small boxes over the larger ones. [...]

Packing Books2019-09-16T08:32:07-07:00

Tip for disassembling beds


When disassembling a bed for your move, take all the hardware from the bed (e.g. screws, nuts, bolts, etc.), put them in a plastic bag, and then shrink wrap the bag with the hardware around a piece of your bed. This will keep the hardware from being misplaced and/or lost during the move, making the [...]

Tip for disassembling beds2019-09-16T04:04:21-07:00

Lampshade Tip


When packing lamps, take off the lampshades and place them upside down in their own box. This will keep them from ripping and/or breaking. To be even more efficient, place the largest lampshade in the box first so that you can place other smaller lampshades inside of it. (Photo by James Orr on Unsplash)

Lampshade Tip2019-08-19T10:19:49-07:00

5 signs it is time to move


Because moving is so much work, sometimes it is hard to determine if it is time to move. Here are 5 signs, you may be ready to call the moving company: Your house has started to feel like it is too big or too small. You have to go far to go to work, go [...]

5 signs it is time to move2019-09-10T03:46:00-07:00

Moving tips for Hot Summer Days


Here are a few friendly reminders for moving on hot Summer days: schedule the movers to start as early in the day as possible have a day's supply of water for everyone in a cooler with lots of ice or a big water jug make sure utilities at your new place are turned on so [...]

Moving tips for Hot Summer Days2019-07-18T11:28:58-07:00

Saving money while moving


Pick a random day to move. Movers typically are busies on the second half of the month. Choosing a less busy time of the month or year should lower the price of your moving quote.

Saving money while moving2019-07-11T12:29:54-07:00