As a moving company in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, we deal with customers who are moving with small pets and children. The monumental task of moving could be a challenge. Insert small children and pets into the mix, and mom and dad can easily lose it. Here are some very tried and true tips for these situations.

Tips for Moving with Children

Let’s talk about kids first. Before the move even starts, get them excited and interested about where you are moving to. Talk to them about the fun things there might be to do in the new neighborhood, or surrounding areas. Talk to them about their new room they will be able to decorate (Of course with mom and dad’s permission). Tell them positive things about their new school, as most kids can be terrified of change. Check out the local swimming pools, libraries and community centers. When moving locally across town or to a new city, make sure the kids have their favorite toy, or game with them. This will keep them occupied and happy. Also you will not have to search for it later. On moving day, plan to have kids do a special project or stay close to an adult. Small children can easily be underfoot and it can be dangerous while moving heavy furniture. In other cases, send the kids to grandma’s house or to a friend’s for the day. This will ensure their safety and your piece of mind.

Tips for Moving with Pets

Pets can be a little different, but they need to be looked after as well. For travelling long distances most veterinarians will prescribe sedatives so your cat or dog can sleep soundly, but some people may not want to go that route. For a more natural remedy, your local pet store sells pheromone emitting plug ins. These are plugged in at the new house and they send out a calming effect that is 100% natural. New scents and smells are a very big deal for animals. This will help ease them into the transition of a new home. Also, make sure when travelling with pets that you take their essentials such as medicines, chew toys, maybe their favorite blanket or whatever they feel comfortable in or with. One thing you don’t want is to be asking the movers to open every box because you packed something for your pet that is important. Keep pets safely out of harm’s way while moving heavy furniture. Most cats and dogs are very friendly and want to investigate. You don’t want your pets being trampled by the movers. Have pet crates handy or designate someone to pet sit, you will be glad you did. Moving day is very labor intensive and a good director with a sound plan is paramount. Having been in the industry for over 10 years we have seen it all. If you have children or pets, try these suggestions and it might just alleviate some headaches.