Moving to a new home is thrilling because it opens new doors in your life. However, it can become stressful when kids are involved. 

As one of the leading moving companies in Charleston, SC, we have executed hundreds of residential moving projects. We have observed that people are often irritated by the involvement of children during the relocation. 

Being naughty and curious, kids run around and create a mess in the chaos. They either start to play with the belongings or ask for your attention, thus distracting you from the big task of moving to the new place. As is obvious, it gets difficult to manage moving-and-packing and taking care of children simultaneously. 

Cutting down kids’ involvement is not an option, but professional movers know how to make the whole process easy and interesting for them. This article provides you with fun tips that you use to make relocation with kids less hectic and more of a fun adventure. Let’s see how you can make your moving day better – 

Don’t Stress Out

We know residential moving can be stressful when you are in a quagmire and unable to handle everything, including kids, at the same time. However, stressing out won’t help; rather, it will mess with your plan. Your kids don’t need to see you panic as you throw their toys into a box and load them onto a truck. 


Begin your packing in advance and start moving your things out of the room. Get your kids involved in the process and motivate them to pack their belongings in a box and mark the names and labels. Ask them to pack the things they will need on their first night in the new house. Make sure to load this box last in the truck so they can find it early in unpacking. 

Moreover, don’t put too much stress on yourself by looking at enormous stuff to pack; rather, declutter your belongings. There is no point in storing old toys that your kids no longer play with. You can donate them to an orphanage or some shelter home. This will teach value to your kids as well as reduce your packing stress. 

Chalk Out a Plan

Most of your moving worries exist because you do not have a concrete plan. 

Tell your kids about the moving day and ask them to be prepared. Let them know the entire process of moving, from packing to unloading stuff and unpacking. Tell them the process is going to be tiring so that they can prepare themselves in advance. Besides, this will also give them some time to plan their room and pack their stuff carefully for the big day. 

Suppose you are worried about kids getting hurt while moving, schedule for a move on a school day. In this way, the kids will be out, and you can put your energy on moving. Chalk out a plan and manage your time accordingly. Also, make sure that your kids are getting picked up from school at the right time and returning to the new house. You can also hire a babysitter to look after your kids or ask your family or friends to babysit for a day.

Let Them Get Involved

The worst thing you can do to your kids is to curb their excitement. 

It is likely for your kids to be curious about the move. If you cannot schedule your move on a school day, let them be involved; let them help you out. 

You can ask your kids to pack their toys or clean around the house. This way, your kids will feel involved, and you can spend some time with them. Trust us; this will be a great way to make some beautiful memories before you bid farewell to your old home. 

Kids and the New Home

Now, this was all about your old home. 

What should you do in your new one? Well, here are some practical tips to follow after stepping into your new living space:

1 Make sure to set the room of your kids in the first place. You can get your kids involved in the process or let them do it alone so that they can decorate it according to their choice. They can either replicate their old room, or they might come up with something new for themselves. Listen to their ideas, let them know that you care, and help them clear their space.

2 You might feel tired and dull from moving out. So, you can invite some friends over and plan a sleepover or a playdate with kids. This way, kids will also have fun, and they can explore the house, area, new furniture, and get accustomed to it.

3 It is likely for your kids to miss their old friends in the new house. They might feel alone in the beginning. What you can do is mingle them with others. Find new friends for them around. Please encourage them to join different hobby classes to meet new friends and start liking their new home.

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