Moving Tips

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Moving Tips

How to Protect Valuable Furniture during a House Move

By |March 9th, 2019|

As a furniture moving company in Charleston, SC we know that house moves are stressful enough without your having to worry about valuable and valued furniture being damaged in the upheaval. Whether you’re looking to protect a family heirloom, an expensive antique table, or a long, tailor-made mirror, there are [...]

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Tip Of The Day

Tip for disassembling beds

By |September 3rd, 2019|

When disassembling a bed for your move, take all the hardware from the bed (e.g. screws, nuts, bolts, etc.), put them in a plastic bag, and then shrink wrap the bag with the hardware around a piece of your bed. This will keep the hardware from being misplaced and/or lost during the move, making the reassembly of the bed quicker and easier on your move-in day. (Photo by Marcel Strauß on Unsplash)

Loading a truck in the rain

By |August 26th, 2019|

When you are loading a truck with a ramp while it is raining, it’s important to keep safety in mind. If it is pouring rain, it may be best to take a break until the rain slows down and/or stops. However, if it is only light rain, you can take two to three blankets and cover the ramp with them. This will keep you from slipping on the wet ramp.

Lampshade Tip

By |August 19th, 2019|

When packing lamps, take off the lampshades and place them upside down in their own box. This will keep them from ripping and/or breaking. To be even more efficient, place the largest lampshade in the box first so that you can place other smaller lampshades inside of it. (Photo by James Orr on Unsplash)

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