Packing up everything and relocating to a new area can be stressful for anyone, even when he or she knows that moving will bring him or her positive change. Uprooting yourself from familiar places and people and trying to adjust to new ones is a difficult challenge. This is especially true when you are moving from one location to a very different one–such as moving from the city to the suburbs and vice versa. Below are some moving strategies you should keep in mind as you shift to a different type of neighborhood.

Moving Strategies General Advice

Like with many life-changing events and milestones, there will be several barriers you will need to overcome. The first one is fear of the unknown. It is perfectly natural to worry about the uncontrollable and unforeseeable future, but try not to let the unpredictability of what your new home will be like stress you out too much. Pretend to be a tourist! Learn everything you can. Research your new place before you leave your familiar surroundings in order to be prepared for everything it has to offer. You can consult books, maps, the Internet, and people who know the area well. Be sure to prioritize finding the nearest grocery stores, drug stores, hospitals, and so on. If you have children, look for nice parks, libraries, and other kid-friendly locations that will be close to home. Remember to stay positive and know that you will eventually settle into your new home, with hobbies old and new as well as friends and family to guide and support you!

All of the labor that is involved in the entire moving process is the next obstacle you will need to overcome. Do not, under any circumstances, try to move all by yourself! Enlist the help of your friends and family and hire a professional moving company. The last thing you need is to injure yourself or break your valuables while attempting to lift and load heavy or fragile items. Professional movers have been trained specifically to handle all types of furniture and boxes and are highly skilled with a spacious truck and knowledge of the quickest possible routes to your new place. Most moving companies will also pack your items into boxes for you so you can take care of other necessary details such as changing your address.

Moving Strategies from the City to the Suburbs

More people are choosing to move from the city into the surrounding suburbs. According to 2016 census data, population growth accelerated in the suburbs while it slowed significantly in bigger cities. Before moving to the suburbs, you need to consider a few things. If you do not have a car because living in the city has always allowed you to use other modes of transportation such as the subway, taxis, walking, biking, etc., you will need one in the suburbs. You’ll need a safe and reliable vehicle to get you and your kids to and from places like work, school, and the grocery store. It is also a good idea to consider how long your commute is going to be if you are going to be working in the city. If you can, move into a suburban area that isn’t more than one hour away from your job to ensure time for traveling, eating, sleeping, and other activities.

Moving Strategies from the Suburbs to the City

If you are moving from the rather calm and quiet suburbs into the bustling city, there are different things to take into account. A city apartment is most definitely going to be smaller in size than your current suburban home. You will need to sort through all of your belongings before packing them up and decide what to keep and what to do away with. Get rid of anything you have not used in a long time or do not wish to keep anymore. Throw away or recycle items that cannot be donated, given to friends or family, or sold. This will make your move a lot easier and more efficient because you will not pack these extra unnecessary and unwanted items only to find that you have no space for them later. If you have never lived in a metropolitan area before, you will want to do a lot of research on the city life, school districts, crime rates, etc. Since bigger cities are not always very car-friendly, you will need to familiarize yourself with the public transit system or the bicycle lanes.

No matter where you are moving to or from, hiring a professional moving company to assist you will be one of the best decisions you can make throughout the whole process! For more advice, you can contact Low Country Moving Specialists. We have blog posts with various tips and tricks as well as different services offered at various price ranges. It is quick and easy to get the information you are looking for or to contact a professional mover and book online!