Whether you’re moving your home or moving your business, a last-minute move can be a major stressor. Such a move could be because you didn’t know where to start or simply because of random circumstances, and trying to rush things can be tempting. Both company moves and home moves have their own challenges, and they can often be emotional situations. A time crunch doesn’t help lower these raised emotions, either, so have a focused approach to the move. The following four tips are designed to help with your last-minute move, although they are worth considering in any moving situation.

Tackle One Room at a Time

Having a plan when moving last minute is important, and having an approach to the packing process can benefit your move. Start your packing by going room by room throughout your house. In each room, truly think about whether you want to keep something, or if it would be better off donated or could even be sold. (You could schedule a free pickup with a charity) Larger pieces of furniture are usually easier to decide about, but smaller personal belongings are when things get tricky. In many cases, however, a short timeframe to achieve your packing can be a blessing in disguise, helping you to downsize your belongings. Remember: if you pack it, you’re going to have to unpack it. Focusing one room at a time allows you to make progress quickly, but also plan your time effectively.

For example, if you’re moving from a two-bedroom, one bath home with a kitchen and living room, you have five rooms to pack. If you have 10 days before your move, that gives you two days to focus on each of those five rooms. Going one room at a time allows you to know at what pace you’re going to have to pack, which can be motivating and relieve the stress of wondering how your move will get done.

Have a Plan to Move

Especially when you’re in a hurry, it can be hard to see the value in taking an hour or two to step back and determine the best course of action. Even though it may seem counterproductive, however, having a plan in times of stress is important so that you can stick to it throughout your move. While tackling one room at a time is a great start for determining what rooms you’ll focus on and how much time you have to pack the rooms, a plan can ensure that you don’t miss important deadlines as a part of your move. Many websites offer a checklist for moving. Writing down important dates ahead of time, like when to switch your cable and internet or to forward your mail, can make sure that details don’t get lost in the shuffle. Even knowing how you’ll focus on each room can be a major help with limited time.

Sort When You Unpack

A lot of people like to approach packing from a point of ultra organization when moving from one home to another. In a last-minute move, this may not be possible. Sorting your silverware from your mugs or bedding from clothes is a luxury that you don’t always have the time for, which is why we suggest sorting when you unpack. After all, if you’re going room by room, you can label each box “Kitchen,” “Bedroom,” and so forth, so a layer of sorting occurs naturally as you pack. When you unpack your belongings in your new home, move bigger objects such as furniture first. Then, start unpacking your smaller boxes and sorting items by category. If you’ve already got items like bedside tables and dressers in the room, you can immediately unpack these boxes into their new homes.

Consider Hiring a Professional

Many people think that hiring professional movers is an expense they simply can’t afford when it comes to moving. However, many professional movers offer reasonable rates for local moves and a variety of other services that make their price much better than what you may be able to get done with friends, family, and a rented truck. Especially when you’re under the pressure of a quickly approaching moving date, a professional local moving service can help you maximize what little time you have. Whether you’re looking for full-service help, or just labor to load a truck or pack some boxes, consulting with a professional firm will surely alleviate some of your last-minute stress.

The four tips above are a great way to tackle your move, especially if you’re in a rush. If you’re looking for movers to assist you last-minute in the low country, we’re here to help. We offer estate moving, moving labor only, and local full service moving, and are happy to help, even at the last second. Contact us today for moves in Charleston, Summerville, and Mount Pleasant, or for more information about how we can help you reduce the stress of your next move.