As a moving company in Charleston, SC we know that moving your family for the first time will always be a stressful experience. Your kids are young; they’re tied to their routines, their room, their home, and their friends. Uprooting them means committing to a bunch of unknowns that they just aren’t ready for. Thankfully, with the right steps, you can ease their transition from one home to another will far fewer tantrums involved. All you need to do is start well in advance and make the most out of the moving opportunity.

Take Your Children to Their New Home In Advance

The unknown is what is often the scariest part. For your children, their current home has been their whole life. They have no basis that they can remember for when their lives were ever different. A move where they change houses, schools, and friends can be a very scary experience. A great way to reduce the fear associated with the unknown is to introduce them to it before the big day. This way they can dip their toes into their new life and even start putting down roots.

Show Them the New House

If the previous owners have already moved out or are okay with it, bring your kids into their new home. Ideally, this should be done when you are house hunting so that they can feel like they have a say in whether or not you buy it. This illusion of choice can make the entire move far more pleasant for everyone. Your kids won’t feel like their world is being uprooted without their say-so, and you can have a family that is excited about your new lives.

Sign Them Up For After-School Activities

If you live relatively close by to your new home, aim to sign them up for after-school activities before the move. Join a girl guides or a boy scout’s, for example, so that your kids can make friends in their new community before they move and start school.

Tips for Packing

Packing up a home means putting your entire life into a box. It can be time-consuming, exhausting, and, above all else, stressful. Depending on how young your children are, it could also mean multi-tasking between caretaking and packing, which adds a whole new level of complications. To simplify the entire process, remember to use these tips:

1. Do a Massive De-Clutter As You Go

Moving is the best time to de-clutter. Be very critical on what you really love and what you have kept out of obligation. Just because you spent money on it doesn’t mean you must keep it. Instead, try to sell the items that have done nothing but gather dust, and then give away or donate the rest. You should only go in with the things you use often and love. Though there will likely be a fight, you should try this with your kids as well.

2. Pack By Room

Pack by room so that you can pace yourself and sort items easily for unpacking. Try to be specific not just about where you got it, but where you intend to put it. If your new home has a laundry room where your old home doesn’t box up items that will go into that room.

3. Label Every Box

Label everything that is in the box. This will save so much headache when it comes to unpacking.

4. Pack Essentials Last

Bedsheets, pillows, essential cooking supplies, and other items you would want to have on your first night like a towel should be boxed in their own special set. These “First Night” boxes will help your family stay comfortable without having to dig through ten boxes to find what you are looking for. Just let your choice of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina moving companies know about these boxes in advance so that they can pack them together.

Tips for Moving

When moving day comes, you want everything in order. This can mean hiring Charleston, South Carolina movers, or it could mean trying to do it all on your own. If you have the money, however, always try to invest in a professional a service from a Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, United States moving company. Not only can you take a step back to relax as they load the trucks on and off, but you also benefit from their expertise in handling delicate items like antiques, and a fully insured move.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

There are a few ways you can move with a professional company. If you are located in Charleston, then you will need to choose the Charleston, South Carolina moving companies that offer you different service options. Low Country Moving provides full service for Charleston, the ability to hire moving labor only, and can even handle moving an estate into storage if a loved one has passed away.

Make The Day Special For the Kids

If you are moving to Mount Pleasant, then taking the stress away by using a Mount Pleasant, South Carolina mover is the perfect way to make the day special for your kids. Let the professionals handle your belongings and take your kids out for a nice day. Go get their favorite meal, or take them to a movie. When you get home, your boxes should either be unloaded or the truck on site. That way your kids can have had a big day and will be more likely to stay calm through the big process of moving in.

Celebrate Your First Night in Your New Home

With the peace of mind from using Mount Pleasant, South Carolina movers you can be rest assured all your items will be damage-free and in your new home by the end of the day. This is where those first-night boxes will come in handy. Put a move on, make a fort out of the sheets and blankets you have packed, and order in a pizza. All kids want is to be together, and spending the first night like this is a great way to start your new lives.