Moving into a new home can be quite a hassle!

From packing fragile and bulky stuff to finding reliable porters and a moving van, nothing is easy. Things turn even trickier if you need to move on short notice and have zero relocation experience. 

This is where the services of professional residential movers can be of great help. These experts have the required knowledge and equipment to carry out the moving process without any clutter or chaos. 

Hiring a leading moving company in Charleston SC, is always better than DIY, as it will save you from investing time and energy in something you haven’t done before. Being specialists, they know the art of relocation and can provide prompt services to residential and commercial clients. Here are the top reasons why contacting a moving company is a bright idea – 

Packing Up and Loading Your Stuff

The moving process is quite cumbersome and begins with segmenting your stuff as per the size and nature. The belongings must be kept in the right boxes so that they do not get damaged during transition. 

Professional movers have an overall idea of the number of boxes and the type of packing that will be required to move your goods to a new location safely. They have the best boxes and supplies like tape, markers, paper pads, packing paper, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, etc. All these are used carefully to pack the belongings and ensure safe delivery. Moreover, once the items are packed, the porters safely load them into the moving van to be moved from the old space to a new one. 


The transportation process can be taken up either by renting a separate vehicle or hiring the moving van services of your removals company. One drawback of hiring a third-party transportation van is their unawareness of the goods being carried. There is a high risk that your belongings may not reach the destination in a proper condition, and these agencies may leave you responsible for the loose packing. 

It is always advisable to get the entire contract of packing, transporting, and unpacking work outsourced to a single residential mover. It will help you in minimizing cost and keeping a check on the safety aspect. Also, a single party can be made accountable for any loss caused during the whole process.

Unloading and Unpacking

Unloading, unpacking, and organizing the stuff at your new place is also a tedious task. Firstly, the goods need to be unloaded with care using proven techniques and a reliable workforce. Secondly, all the items shall be unpacked and arranged at the right places, like, the couch should be placed in the living room while the bulky wardrobes should be placed in the master bedroom. All this may eat up a lot of your productive time, which isn’t appreciable.

If you hire a moving contractor in Charleston, the whole process gets quickly done with requisite unloading tools movers carry. A professional moving company provides you with skilled porters and help you arrange the items at the location you prefer. They ensure that you are left with minimal tasks once they leave your new premises.    

Right Equipment

When you hire the services of residential movers, you are saving yourself from the trouble of running out and wasting your time in renting out the moving equipment. 

Moving companies in Mt Pleasant & Charleston, SC, are equipped with hoisting straps, ramps, custom-built trucks with air ride cushions, etc. These facilities become mandatory to carry out the loading and unloading process effectively. By hiring these professionals, you have already accomplished substantial savings in time as well as money.

Storage Services

Sometimes, the requirement of making a move arises even before the completion of the new residence. In these cases, belongings need to be temporarily stored at someplace safe. Most reputed moving companies have large warehouses where clients can keep their stuff until the property is entirely constructed. Professional movers provide their clients with different plans varying from overnight storage to long-term storage options. Yes, they charge extra for such a facility, but your goods remain in a safe vault and under protection from any risk of theft, loss, or damage. 

This extra service can also save you a lot of trouble amidst the renovation work! 

Quick and Efficient

A professional moving company will be quick and efficient in handling and transporting your belongings to your new residence. They will deliver your possessions on the due date and save you from all the hassle. Many companies commit their customers to prompt, professional service, and by finding a good mover, you can fasten up and simplify the whole process.


No matter how careful you try to be, there is always a risk of damaging your goods while being transported through long routes and rough terrains. When you have rented a separate vehicle’s services, there is a high probability that the risk of damage falls on you.

This is where professional movers come to your rescue. They offer different types of insurance plans to keep you covered. So, when any damage occurs during the whole relocation process, they will be the ones bearing the cost of damage, based on the insurance you choose. 

Low Country Moving Specialists provide residential and office moving services in Mount Pleasant, Charleston, Summerville, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, and the surrounding areas. Whether the need is limited to labor supply or extending to a full-on service covering everything from packing, loading, transportation to unpacking, we are always there for you.

We provide reliable, safe, & professional moving services for your personal & commercial needs. With Low Country Moving Specialists, you can feel confident that you are getting the right movers with the proper training, tools, and attentive service for a hassle-free relocation. Contact our experts today to discuss residential or commercial moving needs!