Pet can complicate a move. While it’s true that man’s best friend may be used to riding along in the car with us, and pet carriers exist for animals such as cats, the stress of a move can often be hard for an animal to cope with. This, in turn, might make your move more stressful than it needs to be, especially in situations that begin by imagining a friend or family member gripping a goldfish bowl or hamster cage during a long car ride to your new home. These tips are aimed at making you and your pet’s move a little bit easier.

Prepare Your Pet

Preparing your pets to travel is one of the most important factors leading to their comfort during a move. The more comfortable your animal is, the better it will be able to cope with the moving process. A few weeks before your move, make short trips in the car with your pet. This will acclimate the animal to traveling in a car with you and help it to disassociate your vehicle with going to the vet. Many dog owners may already travel with their dogs in the car; but for owners of cats, it’s best to acclimate them with short trips, because they are such creatures of habit. Some cats react to traveling in the car with more activity, while others get sick from the movement of the vehicle. Adding a favorite blanket or toy to their pet carrier on trips may also make them happier and more agreeable.

Travel with Your Pet

Even if you’re using a professional moving service for other aspects of your move, it’s important that you travel with your pet. In unfamiliar situations, you and your pet are each other’s constants, and this is just as true when tackling a large move. Even if you’re flying long distances, many airlines offer the option to travel with your pet. In cases of international moves, this may not always be possible, in which case using a credible pet shipper, such as those endorsed by the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, is best.

Don’t Forget to Think About Your Pet’s New Life

Whether you’re moving somewhere else in the city or to a new state altogether, it’s important to remember to think ahead when it comes to your pet’s well-being. Just as you want to forward your mail and change your address on important forms, you will also want to make sure you’ve secured your pet’s veterinary records and found a new vet close to your home. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, these health records might even be necessary in cases where you’re moving across a border, be it state or national.

When you’re at the vet to get these records, it may be worth discussing the ways in which they may be able to make your pet more comfortable. Some medications can be prescribed by veterinarians to help animals cope with moves, particularly long-distance or cross-country travel. Additionally, it’s important to stick to the same sort of routine for feeding and taking walks that your animal is used to in your new home. Make sure that you shower your pet with affection so that they know that the change has nothing to do with them. And spend plenty of time with them so that you can help them feel welcome in their new home.

If you’re considering or planning a move and own pets, it may be best to consider outside help, as well. Doing so ensures that your pet can move in comfort, traveling with you in your car as it normally would, instead of in a moving truck you’ve rented. Whether you’re looking for full-service crews of two, three, or even six, Low Country Moving can offer you services to make your move simple and efficient. Reach out to us today to discover how we can make your move smooth and stress-free.