Moving to a new town or city is a big decision that many people choose to make in their lives. Some people decide to move because they want to be nearer to family, have commitments with work, or that they want to move back to their hometown. Whatever the reason, it certainly takes a lot of planning and a lot of research.

The research you will need to do before moving is finding the right neighborhood and then finding the perfect property in that neighborhood. You will also need to think about work and if you will be able to find a job. Schools and colleges may also be an essential consideration if you have children or plan on having a family in the future.

One popular place that many people choose to relocate to every year in Charleston, South Carolina. One of the many attractions of moving to Charleston is the many beach towns that sit along the perfect coastline.

A Brief History of Charleston

Charleston is located in the South of the USA and is the largest city in South Carolina. As well as being the largest city, it is also the oldest city and was founded in 1670 as Charles Town. The town was given this name as an honor to King Charles II.

Charleston has a rich history and is such an old city; it has been prominent in many different history parts. During the colonial era, the original settlers were from Bermuda. 28 years after the town was founded, it was hit by a smallpox outbreak, and a year later, it was hit by an earthquake.

During the American Revolution, Charlestown was attacked by the British, who sent around 14,000 troops to take over the town. The attack took place on 1st April 1780, and the leader of the rebels, Benjamin Lincoln, surrendered on the 12th of May as they were outnumbered with only around 5,500 troops.

In more modern history, Charleston was the host to one of the last significant events in the civil rights movement: the Charleston Hospital Strike that took place in 1969. 20 years later, in 1989, Charleston was hit by a hurricane; however, it did not cause major damage, and the city was able to recover quickly. It now has a population of just over 124,593 residents.

4 Things to Do When You Move to Charleston

When you move to a new town like Charleston, you want to be sure that there is plenty to do in your spare time. If you love the beach and the coast, Charleston has some of the most beautiful beaches in America, including Folly Beach and the Isle of Palms. If you are looking for something different, here are six great reasons that Charleston is a great place to come and live.

1 Yorktown Countdown

If you visit The Yorktown Countdown, it will be a New Years’ experience like no other you have seen before! If you are a fan of history, boats, or water, you will be excited to hear that the event occurs in Charleston harbor on a huge boat called the USS Yorktown. This old vessel plays host to hundreds of people for this fabulous new year’s celebration. The USS Yorktown was once an active aircraft carrier and served the country in World War II and the Vietnam war. There is plenty of live music, light bites to enjoy during the event, and bars where you can buy alcohol and soft drinks.

2 Play Golf

If you are a golfer, then moving to Charleston might be the dream place to live. Not only does the city have a large number of golf courses, but the views and the scenery that you get to experience while playing around them is second to none. One club is worth playing, and finding out more about is the County Club of Charleston. It hosted the Women’s US Open in 2019, and the club was originally founded in 1786, making it only 32 years younger than the world-famous golf club in Scotland, St. Andrews.

3 Hit the Surf

Many people dream of being able to head down to the beach on the weekends and hit the surf. If you move the Charleston, then you will be able to do just that. Folly Beach is a hotspot for surfing with the waves coming in from the Atlantic Ocean. If you are new to the sport or haven’t been surfing for several years, then you will be able to pick up some tips from the surfers that populate the beach or grab yourself some lessons from one of the pros. Surfing at Folly Beach is suitable for everyone from the beginner right through to professionals.

4 Take on a Zip Line Adventure

The Zip Line Adventure course in Charleston is one of the most popular attractions, and it is a great place for families to spend some quality time together. There are plenty of different elements suitable for people of all ages and abilities, including the awesome zip line canopy tour, which puts you up among the trees with a fantastic viewpoint of all that’s below. They also have a huge climbing wall if you are feeling like a challenge. Another great thing about the Zip Line Adventure is that they can host kids’ birthday parties, which is perfect if you look for something a little different and a bit special.

Moving to Charleston

As you can see, Charleston is steeping in fascinating history, has plenty of events, and is home to many different attractions to suit everyone. With a population of just under 401,738, it has plenty of amenities that you would expect and makes a perfect place to relocate to. The climate is fairly humid, and the city generally experiences hot summers and mild winters. You can choose to live in plenty of different areas, each with their own unique style and personality.