If you are planning on moving to another place, hooking up with a local moving company would be relatively easy, especially in this technological age. Although, with all the options available, it would be hard to find the best one for you. There are several factors that you have to consider other than price, so you have to think about what service you would like to get.

When hiring the best moving service, you have to consider several factors, such as the cost, the insurance and licenses, the personal ratings of fellow homeowners, and the company’s qualifications. This article aims to deliver the best tips you would rather know when choosing the best moving company. Read more to find out how!

Filtering And Choosing The Top Local Moving Service

When you look at it objectively, local moves are faster and cheaper than moves across the country. However, it is only true if you make the right steps and decisions when you move. What defines a local move is a move that usually stays within a radius of 50 miles from the original place. A move beyond that would be considered a cross-country. 

Here are some of the steps that you should heed when you consider moving locally:

1. Make Sure That They Are Insured

You would never know when an accident might happen, so it would always be best to prepare for it in the case that it does occur. In moving, this would not be uncommon as a lot of stuff must be taken care of. So, with the sheer bulk and unexpected weather, breakages and accidents are common. It will always pay you back if you make sure that your moving company is insured.

Usually, issued DOT numbers are required to license moving companies. If you plan on moving outside of your state, it would be good if you verify the company’s license through an FMCSA site, and you could request their DOT number. On the other hand, if you plan on staying in your area, you could check with your consumer affairs department locally. You can find some in the FMCSA database.

2. Better Online Presence Is Golden

With the availability of the internet, people usually do a lot of research and purchases in that wide space. This is also true for finding high-quality moving companies that offer good prices. Due to the sheer number of people using the internet in this era, it is a no-brainer that businesses across different industries must have a good online presence.

The moving company’s site must be very informative and helpful as it greatly cuts the time and amount of questions you may need to ask. It should include guiding planning aids and tips to help you set up for a smooth moving out one day. Additionally, a handy estimating tool that is easy to understand and utilize should be included in their given kit.

Another great place where you can check when looking for good local moving companies is their online reviews. They would be very helpful as they can show a variety of experiences that could help you gauge if the company would be a good fit for your needs. Although, you should avoid using this as the only parameter when checking if they are a good company or not.

3. They Should Go Beyond Just Moving

Veteran movers are usually the greatest in their respective fields. They would offer good customer service reps to set up the setting for a successfully planned move day. Additionally, they would have a repertoire of adept movers who would take great care of your belongings. However, this is not the only aspect you should consider when marking a moving company great.

Being a moving company, they would have experienced a good amount of moves already and would know the usual shortcomings of their clients when moving. If your moving company could be a one-stop-shop, it would be a good sign that their reputation is worth it. 

Here are some of the ways where a moving company would be of great help to you aside from the move itself:

  • Safekeeping. It would be a common occurrence for customers to need to safe keep their belongings outside of their locations, usually for a couple of nights. This could also go on for up to several months, so if your moving company offered onsite storage, you would be assured of your items being safe.
  • Packaging. Gathering your possessions and figuring out how to safely wrap them up would be tedious. All the ceramics and glass figurines would have to be wrapped carefully one by one, which goes the same for your clothes in the drawer. A good sign of a promising moving company would be if they offer you packing service to lessen your load.

4. Check For Red Flags

During the estimate, keep a keen eye on red flags. Most trustworthy moving agencies, for example, will not need a bank deposit ahead of your relocation. It’s possible that the mover is only intent on getting paid upfront. Observe how competent or incompetent the movers appear during the quotation. 

Look for another firm if they arrive late, seem uncertain of their capabilities, or can’t answer your inquiries.


Hopefully, this convinced you to take your time in deciding what moving company you should go for. Low Country Moving is a leading moving company with many options for your own needs. They can offer moving labour only, local full service, and estate moving services. Don’t hesitate to check out their website for more information.