Packing up and moving is a big deal–so big that you probably should not try to do it by yourself. The process of moving comes with unique challenges that you might not be able to handle without hiring professional movers to assist you. Many moving services require their employees to be trained specifically for safety and the purpose of learning how to properly care for clients’ items. If you are trying to decide if you need to hire a professional for your big move, consider the four key advantages below.

The Efficiency of Using Professional Movers

Since professional movers have been moving people for several years and dealing with all possible moving challenges, they know exactly what they’re doing. You can be assured that they will handle each of your boxes and items with the utmost care and safely put them in the moving truck or van. A company will know how to efficiently handle bulky furniture as well as fragile items. They can even pack your belongings for you and provide whatever you need in the way of boxes and other moving supplies, saving you valuable time. If you hire someone else–who is skilled in the art of packing and maneuvering–you can spend your own time prepping your new place or changing your mailing address.

Lower Risk of Damages/Accidents

Professional movers are great assets, especially since they have been trained on how to carefully move, pack, and transport all kinds of boxes and objects. If you or you and your family try to move everything yourselves, you run the risk of hurting yourselves or damaging your items. Your move will be a much less stressful success when you are not worrying about bodily injuries or broken glassware. In fact, reputable moving companies will have insurance for the purpose of protecting you as well as themselves in the rare event of any damages. Accidents can still happen, but they are less likely to when you hire professional movers.

Cost and Hassle-Free

With the current national average price of unleaded gasoline fluctuating around $2.92 per gallon, a long trip from your old residence to your new one would be quite expensive (hundreds of dollars or more). It would be even more so when you factor in how many back-and-forth trips you will need to make in order to get all of your belongings and furniture from one place to the other. There are many hidden costs and other expenses to worry about when you try to move by yourself, but hiring movers with a good reputation is cost-effective and completely worth it. You can call the company ahead of time to ask for a free estimate and get a list of the different levels of service they offer.

Hiring professional movers also eliminates the hassle of attempting to rely on anyone else to assist you. Professional movers will always be there when you need them, whereas friends and family, however well-intentioned they are, are not always as reliable. You each have your own work schedules and things going on in your lives that can make it difficult to find a time in which everyone can help out on the exact day you need to move. In addition, you never know when your friends and family may cancel at the last minute for other commitments. You can be sure that a moving company will arrive on time and never have to cancel on you or leave you to tackle the challenging task all by yourself.


If you are moving several hours away from where you have been living, it will be much more practical, as well as cost-effective, to hire professional movers. Your furniture and other items will be packed into the moving truck and can be transported in one safe trip. This will help you and your friends or family avoid making several costly trips at such a long distance. Since moving companies know all the ins and outs of the challenges surrounding moving–even at longer distances–they will know exactly when you should leave to allow time to move completely to your destination and close locations to make any necessary stops for fuel along the way.

Now that you have decided to hire a professional moving company, you can contact one right away. If you live in the tri-county Charleston, South Carolina area, you can rely on Low Country Moving Specialists. We have different services offered at various price ranges for anywhere from a 2-man crew to a 6-man crew. It is quick and easy to contact a professional mover and book online!