Have you ever searched the web for moving advice, only to find conflicting articles that present valid arguments for both hiring movers and for doing it yourself? On one hand, it makes sense to try and save your money and move using the resources at your disposal. On the other hand, however, hiring a professional moving company can save you time and reduce the likelihood of damage to your personal objects.

We have nothing against frugality, and we believe that you can get the best of both worlds by hiring a cheap moving company. To illustrate our point, we have four reasons why you should hire a moving company instead of tackling the task on your own.

1. Accidents Are More Likely to Happen on Your Own

Let’s face it. We are not all equipped with the skills or the grace necessary to lift excessively heavy items, like televisions and sofas. Accidents occur more frequently for people who aren’t accustomed to packing objects and moving them properly. However, by hiring a moving company, you’re giving the job to professionals that have much more experience, and safety tricks of the trade, than you do. Their bodies are accustomed to moving heavy objects, and therefore they are far less likely to be injured during the move. Plus, if they damage or destroy something that they’re moving, the company who employed them will likely be happy to reimburse you so that you can replace the broken item. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, we can’t reimburse ourselves for our own rash decisions or resulting injuries. The number one rule, just about anywhere, is “safety first,” so hire professionals to avoid irreversible mistakes and needless suffering!

2. Moving Is Stressful and a Moving Company Can Alleviate Some of That Stress

It’s stressful enough to pack up all of your things and relocate to a brand new place. However, these are rarely the only stress factors you’ll face when moving. For example, in order to get everything prepared and moved as quickly as possible, you’ll have to take time off work. You also have loose ends, such as address changes, prescription transfers, etc., that all demand your attention at once. Why not reduce some of that stress by hiring a professional moving company? Here is an exhaustive moving list from Updater, to give you a visual picture of the chaos and stress involved in a big move.

3. You May Find Yourself Without an Alternative

Professional movers will be there for you when you need them, period. Friends and family, on the other hand, are not always as available or reliable. It can be difficult to find a time to move that will fit into everyone’s schedule, and you may not have the luxury of choosing your moving day. Even if you manage to find a schedule that does work for most, friends and family may still have other commitments that force them to cancel last minute, leaving you to move by yourself. As we stated above, moving alone is usually not the best idea. Ensure that you have someone to help you and hire a moving company. Here are some additional moving mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.

4. You Have Far Too Many Precious Valuables

As we mentioned above, losing or ruining valuable items is a distressing concern. Let’s pretend, for example, that you have an extensive (and expensive) art collection. For years, you’ve gone by the book when it comes to packing and moving them, so you load them into the moving truck with confidence. However, when you open the truck door to unload your things, you discover that your heavy flat screen T.V. made its way into your collection, and punctured and crushed several paintings. While it may be devastating to lose precious valuables because of the major costs incurred, it’s perhaps more important to consider that the value of sentimental goods is irreplaceable.

The best way to handle your precious goods is to prevent such tragedies from occurring at all, which you can do by hiring experienced movers with the skill and knowledge necessary to make your move a success. Not only will the move be more efficient, but you’ll rest easier knowing that your goods are in the hands of experienced professionals.

You’ve Established the Need for a Professional Moving Company…Now What?

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