Moving to a new city or a new home or office brings along a long list of hassles. From lifting and transferring bulky furnishings to taking care of fragile items, all demand a lot of attention and care. 

A single mistake can cause costly damages, which is why people today prefer to hire professional moving companies to cater to residential, commercial, and long-distance moving. These companies’ crews are well-versed with moving techniques and have access to the right equipment to make relocation a cakewalk. 

However, if you plan to opt for a DIY relocation, we are here to help you simplify your moving mission! Being a trusted relocation company of Charleston, SC, we are sharing some handy tips that will make it easier for you to move your furniture and other belongings with ease, Here’s all that you should consider –

Chalk Out Your Way Beforehand

You are aware of the place you are relocating to, yet a well-structured plan can save you from hassles. Figure out the number of items you will be moving. Make sure to enlist these items, especially the expensive and valuable ones, before packing them in. Mark those packages with numbers and have a close watch on them. You can ensure the safety of your valuables by being cautious. 

Before loading your items in a moving van, step out of your home and walk to the location you are moving to. Notice hurdles that might come along your way, such as icy outdoor stairs or potholes that should be sidestepped when moving.

Pack Your Things Strategically

The biggest dilemma of relocation is packing and unpacking.

We know how tiresome it can be, but packing your stuff in the right order can make unpacking easier for you. However, unleash the dormant leader within you and take charge of organizing things. Make sure that you pack urgent stuff in one box, kitchenware and bathroom utilities in another. Draw a list and note down the number of boxes and its contents. This way, you will know which box to open first.

Make Sure to Protect Yourself

Safety comes first, always.

Many a time, people end up injuring themselves while loading and unloading heavy boxes. Most homeowners are not aware of proper lifting techniques, leading to unorthodox physical strain and body ache. In some severe cases, one might end up seeing a doctor and getting medicines for quick recovery. 

It is always advised to spend some time learning about safety moving tips to ensure an easy transition. Also, make sure to wear safety gloves that can protect you from unnecessary cuts and bruises. Do not trust the regular gloves because those are prone to wear and tear. Purchase heavy-duty work gloves for your family and wear them until you are finished. 

Protect Your Doorways

The real game begins with the hefting of furniture and loading them in the moving van. At this time, the doorway can prove to be your biggest obstacle, especially when moving big furniture pieces. 

You can get rid of this issue by removing moldings from your door. Removal of molding can provide some extra space and also avoid potential damage to the doorway. Additionally, covering your furniture items with quilted pads can prevent possible damage.

Take Off the Legs of Chairs and Couches

Taking off your chairs and couches’ legs can be a smart move to simplify the moving jaunt. 

Legs of chairs and couches take up additional space and also show hindrance in narrow doorways. Once you remove them, it will become easier for you to move the furniture out with little or no trouble. This will also help you save some extra space in the moving van.

Get Furniture Sliders

Relocation often leads to scratches on floors and carpets.

Movement of furniture and other bulky stuff can cause permanent damage to the flooring. You cannot risk the integrity of flooring or furniture so consider investing in furniture sliders. These sliders efficiently protect hardwood flooring and carpets from unexpected damage. 

In case you are hiring professional residential movers, you can request these sliders.

Let Expert Movers Take Charge

Yes, you can undoubtedly relocate on your own. 

However, if you are busy, have elders or small kids in the family, or do not want to take up all the hassle, it is better to call experienced movers in Charleston, SC

A licensed and insured moving company covers everything related to relocation and saves you from several problems. Right from packing all the belongings to loading, transferring, unloading, and unpacking, experts can do all the jobs with minimum or no supervision. 

Be it a residential move or moving a complete office set up, you can trust movers to disassemble and assemble your place. They are quick and know the best techniques to move furniture in the safest possible manner.

If you are to move anywhere in Charleston or the tri-county area, our furniture moving company will help you. We at Low Country Moving Specialists, LLC, provide comprehensive moving services to residential and business clients. Our movers are screened, trained, and licensed to handle your belongings safely.

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