Deciding to move out of your apartment is not an overnight decision. While it can be an exciting and overwhelming task to accomplish, moving out can be a sign that you can finally live independently, sustaining your needs and having the freedom to do what you want. 

It would help if you considered several factors to ensure that the entire moving process is smooth and hassle-free. In this blog, let’s talk about these considerations for your convenience. 

Your Budget 

You need to consider your budget for months or weeks before you move out. Your budget dictates where you will move and how much money you have to cover other expenses. Setting a budget also helps you get closer to a more in-depth look at your current financial situation. 

Start identifying your monthly income before tax is deducted when setting a budget. Generally, renting an apartment or any place should not exceed 30% of your gross income. When you have your income and estimated apartment rent amount, the following costs should also be considered:

  • Utility bills
  • Application fees
  • Moving costs
  • Security deposit
  • Household essentials

When it comes to household essentials, it’s best to list everything you need – from groceries, toiletries, appliances, and furniture. Knowing what you need will give you a rough estimate of how much budget you should prepare before moving out of your apartment. 

Releasing A Formal Notice of Moving Out

When you are currently renting your apartment and decide to move out, you need to release a formal notice. Generally, it would help if you released a formal notice depending on your lease term. If you don’t check your term agreement, you can send your notice too late and end up paying an extra monthly rent even after leaving. You could also lose the security deposit if you don’t release a notice on time. 

Your lease agreement should also be written on the delivery method on how you need to release the notice on the delivery method. Written notices are the usual way to tell your landlord that you are moving out. 

Damages that Need To Be Repaired

Fixing the damages you made allows you to get the security deposit back. If you hang photo collages on the walls, the holes you created should be filled. When you paint your walls according to your desired color, you might need to repaint them back to the original color when you first moved in. You must also return original blinds, light fixtures, and drawer pulls. 

Make a run-through of your entire apartment to check if there are pet damages, scratches, dings, or carpet stains that weren’t there before. If you decide not to fix these damages, expect you will not get back your entire security deposit. 

It also helps when you make a repair plan and list all items and furniture damages, ensuring that you don’t miss out on anything. 

The Things You Need to Pack

When it’s time to pack, you need to make sure to pack all your essentials. Prepare big boxes where you’ll put all your things, and label each packaging so you won’t be confused. Make a walk-through of each room in your apartment to ensure you have everything you need. 

Bring and pack everything because you might not be able to return and get it once you forget something, especially when someone’s already planning to move into your old apartment. 

Cleaning Your Apartment 

Another critical task you must accomplish days before moving is cleaning your apartment. The best time to start cleaning is when you are done packing all your things and have placed them in several boxes. Cleaning also helps you check whether you have packed everything. 

With respect to your landlord, it’s best that you clean your apartment so that it returns to how it looked before you moved in. 

Checking Your Remaining Balance

Days before moving out, you need to check with your landlord whether there are remaining fees and balances you need to pay. If there are, you can choose to have them deducted from the security deposit you initially gave. 

When you check your remaining balance, it’s also a good time to ask for your security deposit back. This is also when your landlord can inform you whether deductions were made to your initial deposit or whether it will be used to pay your last month’s rent. 

Knowing Your Moving Options

When you decide to move out, you need to know whether you need to hire a moving company or you choose to do it on your own with your vehicle. While doing everything your own is cheaper, it can be more hassle and inconvenient, especially with all your belongings. 

Choosing to hire a moving company ensures that all your essentials, furniture, and appliances can be transported safely in one piece. Even though you need to pay the company, it’s more convenient, efficient, and less tiring than traveling back and forth to move and get all your things. 

Pre-Move Inspection with the Landlord to Check Everything

Perform a pre-move inspection to check every corner of your apartment with your landlord or manager. Doing this ensures you will not be surprised when you receive your apartment’s final statement. It also helps if you take photos of your old apartment to have evidence or documentation when it’s time to check with your landlord. 

Make Moving Out Hassle-Free 

Moving out can be smooth and convenient when you have inspected everything, including damages, essentials that must be packed, and every corner of your apartment. Deciding to move out is an adulting decision, and you want it to be as hassle-free as possible to avoid any problems or unfortunate situations. 

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