Moving to a new property is the beginning of an exciting new journey and adventure in a different place with fresh surroundings. With this in mind, it should be a positive and thrilling experience, but unfortunately, it isn’t always the case. The stresses of moving often take their toll and take precedence over any good, happy feelings you may have about the situation.

It’s important, however, to treasure every step which gets you closer to that new life and home you’ve worked hard to find – and these steps include every box packed and every truck loaded up, along with every other moment throughout the entire experience. If you’ve found your forever home, then a movie like this may never happen again, and every moment (even the stressful ones!) should be cherished.
So here are a few ideas on how you can alleviate any negative feelings and fully embrace a move in a fun and entertaining way.

1. Turn Up The Music

There’s nothing that the perfect tune can’t cure. Moving is a lengthy experience, and a lot of hours will be spent in physical activity and sorting through a lot of items. With the perfect background soundtrack, however, the idea of so much pressure will instantly seem more manageable. You can even go to the extreme and find the perfect big beats, packed with motivation, to make you feel as though you could conquer the world – and all those boxes! Be prepared by creating the perfect playlist in advance, filled with your favorite, inspiring tracks ready from the moment you press play and supporting you throughout the entire moving journey.

It’s also a good idea to get ready a classic radio player that you can easily plugin inside your new home. That way you’re always guaranteed music even if the battery on your phone or media player dies. You don’t want the added pressure of needing to charge up your phone to continue the music – and then realize you have absolutely no idea which box your phone charger is in. Sticking on the radio also means you have a constant flow of music for hours on end, only stopping when you’re ready to stop.

2. Prioritize Your Food

Moving is a draining and tiring experience that takes its toll on your body throughout the day – and also works up a vengeful appetite. You must make food arrangements in advance, as you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a pile of boxes with desperate hunger pangs and no idea what you’re supposed to eat.

Moving is probably one of the only times where you don’t have to feel guilty about ordering comfort food, too! After all your hard work and limited resources in terms of cooking up a healthy meal in the kitchen you haven’t arranged yet, you deserve a reward of junk food or even something quick from the nearest take-out place. Food can always be a great mood-lifter and will allow you to re-energize and think more positively about the task at hand. If you’re not tempted by a bit of junk food, make sure you pack some healthy food options in advance, and anything packed full of energy and goodness is even better.

3. Celebrate Your Old Home Before You Leave

For some people, moving away from a home they’ve known and loved is a sad and difficult moment. This can put a huge dampener on the moving experience if you’re tormented with memories and loss regarding the home you’re moving from. It doesn’t have to be all sad, however. Ensure you go out with style by throwing a party or a get together in your old home before you leave it. It can feel a lot more like closure then, and the perfect way to say goodbye. What’s more, by throwing a fun party, you’ll also have a great memory of your final days in the house, too, rather than sad memories looking back to when you had to leave it.

Above all, it’s important to think positively and look forward, not back.

4. Make Something Fun With The Boxes

If you’re moving with a big family and have children to entertain during the move, let them channel all their extra energy into building a play den or fort with the moving boxes. If you’re finished with them, this can also ensure that they are occupied and having a good time while you get on with putting things away and organizing elsewhere.

It’s also better to have them build the fort during the move rather than after. That way, the mess won’t upset you quite as much as it would when you’ve finally managed to tidy up!

5. Turn It Into a Game or Competition

This is a great idea for keeping young children motivated. If you have a lot of boxes to unpack, make the process more fun by a game of “whoever unpacks all their boxes in their rooms the quickest is the winner.” You can make up some fun prizes as an incentive for them. This can also be a great motivator for you, watching your children have fun.

6. Don’t Forget to Celebrate

Moving into a new home is a big deal, and you deserve to celebrate. It’s important to take the time around all the packing and moving to relax and treat yourself. This could be achieved by taking the whole family out for a meal at a restaurant once the unpacking is done, or having a day of relaxation once everything has been moved in. Or just a huge order of your favorite takeout food, even if it’s eaten on cushions on the floor because you don’t have a couch yet.

Celebrate the good and avoid being overwhelmed by the exertions of the move.

This could also include throwing a moving-in party with your friends and loved ones. Getting dressed up and playing the host in your new home will have you feeling energetic and happy in no time.