Let’s face it, moving can be a difficult process that will require a lot of your time, energy, and resources if you do not prepare carefully. Luckily, there are plenty of moving hacks on the internet that will help you to decrease your stress and increase your productivity when making the transition into your new space. If you are in the process of moving and you could use a little help, here are five moving hacks that’ll make your life so much easier.

1. Use Compression Bags to Save Space in Your Suitcases

While you are in the process of moving all of your old stuff to your new place, you are probably going to have a suitcase or piece of luggage full of things that you will need access to immediately while you’re moving. If you have a lot of these items, this can be a challenge all by itself.

When you’re packing, you are going to notice that clothes take up quite a bit of space. The solution? Try using compression bags to help you reduce the amount of room that your clothes take up so that you can have even more essentials with you when you’re on the go. You may want to use packing cubes in addition to compression bags to keep your things organized properly. There are plenty of products to ensure access to all your necessary items while you go back and forth during the moving process.

2. Organize Electronic Cords Using Toilet Paper Rolls

We all know that electronics can be difficult to pack and move. Besides the main electronics themselves, their cords can be even worse, and if you have a ton of electronics with detachable cords, good luck! To battle potentially major chaos, use toilet paper rolls to contain your cords during the move. The best thing about toilet paper rolls is that you can label the cords using a Sharpie. and you can also store your cards vertically in a box, saving you more space for additional electronic pieces during the move!

3. Plastic Wrap Anything and Everything!

Plastic wrap is going to be one of your most useful- and versatile— resources when you are preparing for a move. Do you have drawers that you don’t want to unpack or separate from their storage unit? Place plastic wrap over the top to keep the contents from spilling out. Do you have toiletries that you are worried might spill their contents into your moving boxes? Use plastic wrap over the top to keep liquids contained. Do you have furniture that you want to protect from scuffs or stains? Wrap plastic wrap around them before you begin to move them out of your home.

4. Pack Thinner Items Vertically

Although we traditionally pack items by stacking them one on top of the other inboxes, it can sometimes be safer to pack items vertically. For example, plates, which are very fragile and can break if not boxed properly, are better stored vertically with some slight padding in the middle to protect them. Other items such as clothes, paintings, and books, can be better stored this way. Besides protection, vertical packing will also provide you with more space in the long run.

5. Be Clever With the Space You Have at Your Disposal

We have a tendency to pack items separately rather than using space within certain items as extra storage space. For example, purses are perfect for holding smaller items that would normally take up space in other places. The same goes for other objects with empty space, such as shoes, empty bottles, pots, and other items with empty space. When it comes to moving and organization, the only limit is your creativity!

The biggest moving hacks that you can use to help you during the moving process is to hire a moving company that will do all the heavy lifting for you. If you are in need of a moving company, take a look at our website and learn more about the services we offer to help you to make your move a more pleasant experience!