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Yes, your middle school gym teacher was right: You need to stretch. Before you start going up and down stairs, lifting heavy items, etc., make sure to stretch and warm up your muscles. Pulling a muscle is never a pleasant event and having it happen on moving day can lead to an incredibly unpleasant experience. [...]


Don’t Lose Your Pets!


On moving day, it is likely that the doors of your house will be opening and closing constantly throughout the day. If you have pets (dogs, cats, etc.) you will want to keep them confined either to a closed-off room or a kennel. This will keep them from running out of the house and causing [...]

Don’t Lose Your Pets!2020-02-17T13:36:21-07:00

Utilize Your Personal Vehicle


When moving fragile items, it can sometimes be risky to put them in the back of the moving truck. Instead, try putting them in your own car! This will keep the fragile items more secure than if they were jostling around in the back of a large moving truck. -- Photo Credit: Low Country Images, [...]

Utilize Your Personal Vehicle2020-01-29T13:55:36-07:00

Backing up the Truck


Getting the moving truck in your driveway, or at least as close to your home as possible, can help speed up the moving process. However, when this involves backing up the truck, you will want to be sure to avoid hitting anything (or anyone) behind you. To do this safely, have someone else stand behind [...]

Backing up the Truck2020-01-29T08:16:34-07:00

Learn How to Make Moving with Kids Easier


Moving to a new home is thrilling because it opens new doors in your life. However, it can become stressful when kids are involved. As one of the leading moving companies Charleston SC, we have executed hundreds of residential moving projects. We have observed that people are often irritated by the involvement of children during [...]

Learn How to Make Moving with Kids Easier2020-02-05T05:40:57-07:00