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The Beast


In many homes, there is one piece that is a nightmare to move. It’s big, it’s awkward, it’s heavy…no one wants to touch it. The key to a piece like this is (a) to get as many hands on it as you can, and (b) to take your time. If you try to do it [...]

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Wood Floors


If you are moving into (or out of) a home that has wood floors, be very cautious on moving day. Wood floors scratch incredibly easily, and something as simple as sliding a box on a wood floor can cause damage. To help reduce the risk of damage, lay blankets down on the wood floor to [...]

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Your Guide to Furniture Moving: Easy Tips to Help You Through


Moving to a new city or a new home or office brings along a long list of hassles. From lifting and transferring bulky furnishings to taking care of fragile items, all demand a lot of attention and care.  A single mistake can cause costly damages, and this is why people today prefer to hire professional [...]

Your Guide to Furniture Moving: Easy Tips to Help You Through2020-01-09T17:43:25-07:00