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Make Wide Turns


When driving your moving truck, always make wide turns! Especially when near curbs, it is important to watch your back tires to make sure they do not bump over anything. This bump could shake the truck, causing some of your belongings to break inside the back of the vehicle. The simple act of making wide [...]

Make Wide Turns2019-11-25T14:06:36-07:00

Stacking Boxes


When stacking boxes, whether it be in your house or on the moving truck, always put the heavy boxes on the bottom and the light boxes on top. This will keep your lighter boxes and their contents from being crushed by the heavier boxes.

Stacking Boxes2019-11-18T11:13:50-07:00

Label Your Boxes


Knowing where your boxes are going to end up in your new home is incredibly important. In order to stay organized and make the unpacking process more efficient, it is crucial that you label your boxes. This labeling can be done in a variety of ways, including writing the name of the room on the [...]

Label Your Boxes2019-11-11T10:12:32-07:00

Don’t Try to Be a Hero


When moving, it can sometimes be tempting to attempt to pick up extremely heavy items by yourself. However, this can often lead to broken items and/or serious injury (both to your body and your pride). Always err on the side of safety, whether that means using a dolly or asking another person for help. After [...]

Don’t Try to Be a Hero2020-03-31T05:21:37-07:00

Learn How to Make Moving with Kids Easier


Moving to a new home is thrilling because it opens new doors in your life. However, it can become stressful when kids are involved.  As one of the leading moving companies Charleston SC, we have executed hundreds of residential moving projects. We have observed that people are often irritated by the involvement of children during [...]

Learn How to Make Moving with Kids Easier2020-05-01T07:06:14-07:00
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