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Don’t Break a Leg!


When loading up and packing your moving truck, it is normal (and usually wise) to stack boxes and other items on top of tables or other flat-topped pieces of furniture. However, if these legs are long and skinny, too much weight on top of the furniture can cause the legs to snap. To avoid this, [...]

Don’t Break a Leg!2019-10-28T06:29:12-07:00

Will It Fit?


When moving into a new home, make sure that all your larger pieces of furniture will fit where you want them to go. Check the doorways and staircases to make sure they are all wide and tall enough and check any sharp turns to be sure that the furniture will be able to make it [...]

Will It Fit?2019-10-21T08:44:56-07:00

Don’t forget the straps!


When loading up a moving truck, it is essential to use ratchet straps to keep your things from sliding around inside the truck. Typically, if you are loading a full 26-foot truck, you should be safe with 8-10 ratchet straps. However, if you are worried that you will not have enough straps, go ahead and [...]

Don’t forget the straps!2019-11-15T04:45:16-07:00



This may appear to be an obvious tip, but it is one that can be easily forgotten during a move. Think beforehand how you will have access to water for yourself and for those helping you. Decide if you will buy packs of bottled water or if you will carry around your own refillable bottle. [...]

DRINK WATER!2019-10-07T06:51:54-07:00

Why You Should Consider Moving to Charleston


Moving to a new town or city is a big decision and one that many people do choose to make in their life. Some people decide to move because they want to be nearer to family, have commitments with work or that they want to move back to their hometown. Whatever the reason, it certainly [...]

Why You Should Consider Moving to Charleston2019-10-01T10:02:22-07:00
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