Don’t waste your pillows and cushions!


When packing certain items, such as lampstands, that leave a lot of empty room in a box, use your pillows and cushions to fill the extra space. This will keep the items from being shaken around in the box during your move while also giving you a convenient and useful place to pack your extra [...]

Don’t waste your pillows and cushions!2019-11-15T04:50:10-05:00

Packing Books


Always pack books inside of a small box. Yes, you can fit more books into a bigger box…but it will very quickly become too heavy to pick up. When the time comes to actually move your boxes of books, you will be incredibly grateful that you went with the small boxes over the larger ones. [...]

Packing Books2019-09-16T08:32:07-04:00

Tip for disassembling beds


When disassembling a bed for your move, take all the hardware from the bed (e.g. screws, nuts, bolts, etc.), put them in a plastic bag, and then shrink wrap the bag with the hardware around a piece of your bed. This will keep the hardware from being misplaced and/or lost during the move, making the [...]

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How to Safely Lift – A Guide to Correct and Safe Moving Techniques


Moving house can be incredibly stressful for several reasons. Worrying about your house price offer not being accepted, having the inevitable clear-out, and living out of cardboard boxes can be incredibly disorientating. The process of moving out itself is often mostly down to strategy. You have to decide what you can live without for a [...]

How to Safely Lift – A Guide to Correct and Safe Moving Techniques2020-10-20T15:52:37-04:00

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