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Lampshade Tip


When packing lamps, take off the lampshades and place them upside down in their own box. This will keep them from ripping and/or breaking. To be even more efficient, place the largest lampshade in the box first so that you can place other smaller lampshades inside of it. (Photo by James Orr on Unsplash)

Lampshade Tip2019-08-19T10:19:49-07:00

5 signs it is time to move


Because moving is so much work, sometimes it is hard to determine if it is time to move. Here are 5 signs, you may be ready to call the moving company: Your house has started to feel like it is too big or too small. You have to go far to go to work, go [...]

5 signs it is time to move2019-09-10T03:46:00-07:00

How Residential Movers Can Make Relocation a Cakewalk


Moving into a new home can be quite a hassle! From packing fragile and bulky stuff to finding reliable porters and a moving van, nothing is easy. Things turn even trickier if you need to move on short notice and have zero relocation experience.  This is where the services of professional residential movers can be [...]

How Residential Movers Can Make Relocation a Cakewalk2020-02-26T00:24:51-07:00
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