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Tips for Empty Nesters


If you're an empty nester planning to downsize here are a few tips: Start the purging process sooner rather than later. Don't wait. Be brutal. Don't hold onto items just because you love it or are sentimental about it. If you don't ever actually use it, take a picture of it and donate it (or [...]

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6 Ways You Can Make Moving Fun


Moving to a new property is the beginning of an exciting new journey and adventure in a different place with fresh surroundings. With this in mind, it should be a positive and thrilling experience, but unfortunately, it isn’t always the case. The stresses of moving often take their toll and take precedence over any good, [...]

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Tips for senior citizens moving


If you are a senior citizen moving to or from the Charleston/Mount Pleasant area, and are on a purging/downsizing mode: 1. Make a list of possible recipients of items you want to keep in the family (i.e. children, grandchildren) 2. Assign items to each person as you go. This way you won't have to think [...]

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Change the locks


You never know how many copies of the keys for your new home are floating around. Call ahead and set up a time for a locksmith to come in on moving day and change the locks.

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Tips for Summer moving


Plan ahead: this is a busy time for moving companies in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant areas. Beat the heat: schedule your move during the coolest hours of the day Take care of your stuff: the moving truck can be hot, pack with you anything that doesn't fare well in lot of heat like candles.

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