Packing the car


We all have valuable, precious things or necessities that we want to take in the car, not in the truck. If so, remember to pack these things BEFORE the movers show up.

Packing the car2019-01-31T19:44:42-05:00

9 Strategies for Dealing with the Stress of Moving


As an Mt Pleasant & Charleston SC moving company, we know moving can be an exciting time, but it’s a very stressful one as well. No matter your reasons for moving, it is widely considered as being one of the most stressful life activities. That makes it essential that you make use of some key [...]

9 Strategies for Dealing with the Stress of Moving2020-02-26T00:32:18-05:00

Five Quick Things to Declutter


Five Quick Things to Declutter from your home RIGHT NOW: Junk Mail leftover on your kitchen counters Mismatched socks Out of date food in your pantry Books you bought but will never read Broken or unwanted holiday decor The more you declutter, the less you have to pack/unpack!

Five Quick Things to Declutter2019-01-29T05:43:34-05:00

Pack an Unpacking Kit


Whether you're moving to Charleston, South Carolina or out of the Holy City, unpacking is actually a HUGE part of the moving process. To make things easier on yourself, pack an "unpacking kit". Include: box cutters ( pack a few, these things tend to lose themselves) paper towels toilet paper paper plates, utensils, etc. first-aid [...]

Pack an Unpacking Kit2020-03-31T05:26:07-04:00

Before moving in


Before moving into your new home make sure you: Change up all of your locks. Safety first. Check all the air filters in your new home, change them if necessary. Paint before you move in. No need to move any furniture around. Deep clean. Remove toilet seats for the perfect scrub down. Put up a [...]

Before moving in2019-01-29T05:52:09-05:00

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