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Tips for Stress-Free Moving During the Holidays


Two tips for moving during the holidays and keeping it stress-free: Consider ordering your holiday meal from a restaurant or grocery store. Many places offer delicious, holiday special menus. Then voila, Christmas dinner is served. This way you will have no need to locate the special Christmas spatula in the midst of all the boxes. [...]

Tips for Stress-Free Moving During the Holidays2018-12-28T00:08:36-07:00

Tip for the Estimator Walk-Through


When the estimator comes to your house, make sure he does a thorough walk-through. Tell him your plan well. What will go in the truck, what heavy pieces you’re giving away, etc. This way, you will help the estimator give you the right estimate.

Tip for the Estimator Walk-Through2019-01-29T05:53:57-07:00

Are You Moving On a Rainy Day?


Are you moving on a rainy day? If it is not pouring the rain, but it is still raining, you may want to consider purchasing some tarps. This way, you will keep your floors from getting muddy and wet. No time to buy tarps? You can also use old towels or taped cardboard boxes.

Are You Moving On a Rainy Day?2018-12-28T00:11:38-07:00
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