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If it’s Valuable, Take it with you.


Is it valuable and meaningful to you? Pack it yourself, or better yet, take it with you. Laptops, important documents, your son's Mother's Day clay creation or precious family heirlooms should always be moved by you.

If it’s Valuable, Take it with you.2019-01-29T06:02:39-05:00

Tips for Moving With Pets


Pet can complicate a move. While it’s true that man’s best friend may be used to riding along in the car with us, and pet carriers exist for animals such as cats, the stress of a move can often be hard for an animal to cope with. This, in turn, might make your move more [...]

Tips for Moving With Pets2019-01-29T06:05:30-05:00

Pack items you don’t use every day ahead of time


Start packing those items that aren’t in your everyday use about a month before move day. Take about half an hour each day to sort through items in your storage room that you haven't used in months. Think Spring decor now that it is Fall here in Charleston, school memories, or your fishing gear. Your [...]

Pack items you don’t use every day ahead of time2019-01-29T06:04:20-05:00

Supporting Pets on Moving Day


Have you checked with your vet yet about how best support your pet on moving day? Moving can be stressful for a pet. On moving day, if possible, find a third location where your pet can hang out. Not possible? Put your pup in a room and close the door, ensuring movers don't open it [...]

Supporting Pets on Moving Day2019-01-29T06:06:38-05:00

Pack an essentials bag


Pack an overnight bag with all of your essentials. Toiletries, a couple of change of clothes, fresh sheets and a towel for everyone. Don't forget phone and laptop chargers! Having those at your fingertips will make the first night at your new place a breeze.

Pack an essentials bag2018-11-27T01:08:36-05:00
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