Moving to a new home can be an exhilarating experience, but you need to be prepared, or else you’ll quickly get stressed.

A quality moving company can provide you with all the support you need to make the process completely hassle-free. That being said, you need to find the right company that suits your needs.

Low Country Moving Specialists is a trusted moving company supporting home and business owners across Mount Pleasant, Charleston, Summerville, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, and the surrounding areas for more than 12 years.

As such, we know exactly what you need to ask when you’re thinking of hiring a professional moving company. We’ve put together a list of the questions you should ask any company you’re considering working with before signing a contract and agree to pay for their services.

How many experiences Do You Have?

Experience is crucial when you’re moving home. It would help if you made sure that your moving team knows how to safely lift your belongings, load their vehicle properly, and generally provide you with a quality service. We’ve been in this industry for more than a decade, so we know exactly how to move anything from small boxes through to bulky pieces of furniture and everything in between.

Do You Have Local Staff?

Nationwide moving companies can help you if you’re moving across the country, but a local firm can give you the benefit of its knowledge of the area you’re moving to. As our name suggests, Low Country Moving Specialists has local staff based across the Mount Pleasant, Charleston, and Summerville areas, meaning they know everything there is to know about the area you’re moving to. They can tailor their routes to miss the worst of the traffic, find the quickest way to transport your belongings to your new home, and even give you guidance on the best local hotspots.

What Services Do You Provide?

When you’re moving to a new house, you might need several services to get you settled in. For example, you might need expert piano moving services as well as full house removal. Alternatively, you might only need labor to help you shift your goods from your home to your vehicle. Whatever you need, you must know that your moving company can provide it. We offer a wide range of services tailored to your exact specifications. No matter how many team members you need or what specialist support you want, we can offer it to you, so you’ll only ever need one moving company for your whole life when you work with Low Country Moving Specialists.

Are Your Crews Fully Licensed And Insured?

Some small moving companies don’t do the checks they should on their staff or provide them with the training and insurance you’d expect. As such, you should always ask if your moving team is fully licensed and insured before you work with them. We only provide our clients with fully licensed and insured staff so that you can rely on us. We even go one step further and provide non-smoking background checked. Uniformed crews so that you can rest assured that you’re being supported by highly trained, experienced professional movers when you trust us to help you with your move.

What Are Your Prices And What’s Included?

Price isn’t the most important factor, but you need to make sure your moving company is transparent and tells you exactly what they charge and what they give you in return. At Low Country Moving Specialists, we share our prices on our website and tell you exactly what services are provided. That means you can budget for your move easily and won’t be surprised by any extra charges.

Can You Help Me To Pack And Unpack?

Packing and unpacking your belongings are the most time-consuming parts of your move, which is why Low Country Moving Specialists can help you to take apart and reassemble your home. Our teams can support you with everything from the initial packing stages to loading their vehicles and then unpacking them when you reach your new home. This means that you can relax and enjoy your move when you work with us. Our staff knows exactly how to pack items most efficiently, so your precious possessions will be stowed away safely.

Do You Have Experience Transporting Delicate Items?

Look out for moving companies that have experience moving fragile items such as pianos and antiques. These companies will treat every item you own with the same respect and transport any previous articles you may have with precision. Our teams are experienced in transporting antiques and pianos, so we know how to treat all of your precious possessions with the respect they deserve.

Do You Receive Positive Reviews From Customers?

Always ask to be provided with reviews and praise from customers before you start working with a moving company. We regularly receive praise and positive reviews from our customers, which we’re happy to share with our customers. Our website showcases some of our positive reviews from customers, so you can see the exceptional level of service we offer before you book to work with us.

How Do I Book?

Any quality moving company will provide you with convenient ways to book their services. If a company makes it hard for you to book a set time or refuses to commit to a date, then this could be a sign that they’re not reliable. You need a moving company that you can trust when you’re moving to a new house. We understand the importance of reliability when we’re helping you to move, which is why we allow you to book online or contact us directly, meaning that you can quickly get your move underway.

If you’re in the Charleston, South Carolina area, and you need an expert local moving company, then call us on 843-737-1279. You can also contact us here to reach one of our moving specialists, who’ll be happy to discuss your home relocation needs.